Sen. Claire McCaskill Is Live-Tweeting Jury Duty Just Like Me

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Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is live-tweeting today as she waits to find out if she’ll get placed on a jury in Missouri, which is so hilarious, because that’s exactly what I did nigh on six months ago. Real original, Claire!


Sen. McCaskill, apparently unaware that an extremely important media personality already owns the tweeting-about-jury-duty beat, is casually having the best day of her entire life:


Nice try, Senator! Sure, this is one of the most delightful things that has ever happened on social media and I want to know what her outfit is every single day until I die, but I’m pretty sure no one could ever forget this:


Or this one—my followers loved this one:


My journey ended under lurid and mysterious circumstances. Senator McCaskill’s journey continues:


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Ginger Is A Construct

This is a-goddamned-dorable. Love the lunch tweet and calling them a “tease” for being dismissed for lunch.

Also, she is right about it being an honor to serve on a jury. I know it’s not convenient to be called, but for centuries women and people of color could not serve on juries. People fought and died for that right. (*jumps off soapbox*)