Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rumored to Be Considering Resignation

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Rex Tillerson is apparently reconsidering his new job as Secretary of State, several anonymous sources told CNN over the weekend. (They call it “Rexit,” but I refuse to call it that, because that’s a horrible pun).

The former Exxon Mobil CEO has apparently been frustrated with the Trump administration for weeks, but after last week’s shake-up in the communications office—and after Trump threw his favorite racist Jeff Sessions under the bus over the Russia investigation recusal—Tillerson may exit before a year is up. CNN reports:

For weeks, conversations with Tillerson friends outside of Washington have left the impression that he, despite his frustrations, was determined to stay on the job at least through the end of the year. That would allow time to continue efforts to reorganize the State Department and would mean he could claim to have put in a year as America’s top diplomat.

But two sources who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity over the weekend said they would not be surprised if there was a “Rexit” from Foggy Bottom sooner that that.


Tillerson also reportedly yelled at top Trump administration officials last month for controlling staffing decisions in the State Department and leaking information about him to the press.

If Tillerson goes, I have faith that Trump quickly replace him with someone who is somehow far, far worse for American diplomacy.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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I never understood why he took the job. Can’t these rich fuckers just go somewhere and enjoy being rich? God wealth is wasted on the rich.