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Sean Spicer must have had some enjoyable moments in his life before he was driven slowly mad by Dippin’ Dots and a painfully compacted gum-filled colon. Whether dressing up as a rabbit for the White House Easter Egg Roll was one of those moments or just a first step on the path to constant, raging anger, we may never know.

The Washington Post reported in 2013 that the Easter bunny costume is generally worn by White House staffers so it’s not that unusual for Spicer, in particular, to be dressed like a giant rodent around a bunch of unsuspecting children. But still! In the left-hand image below, that’s Spicey Time getting dressed by Jonn Schennz, the costume maker who brings the bunny suits free to the event each year. (Unfortunately, the images above and below don’t actually depict Spicer wandering the lawn in a tiny vest; instead, that’s White House counsel Fred Fielding wearing the rabbit head in 2008, according to Getty.)

“It gets hotter than hell” in the costume, Schenz told the Washington Post back then, and Spicer agreed, clarifying that signing up for a bunny shift in the “early morning is key.” You thought Spicer sweats a lot at the podium? Imagine him wearing a giant rabbit suit while ignoring questions.

After this image resurfaced last week, the Boston Globe asked a “White House official” about Spicer’s portrayal a giant egg dropping monster—and they answered, “He’s a natural.” Hmm, makes you wonder what evil lurks behind the mask at every Egg Roll.


Image via Getty.