Sean Hannity on Michael Cohen: 'I Have All Sorts of Attorneys!'

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A lawyer representing Michael Cohen revealed that Cohen’s mysterious third client, following Donald Trump and RNC deputy finance chairman Elliott Broidy, is pugnacious vole and MAGA propagandist Sean Hannity.


“We have been friends a long time,” Hannity told the Wall Street Journal. “I have sought legal advice from Michael.”

Here’s a fun 2017 recording where Sean Hannity introduces Michael Cohen as, “full disclosure, a personal friend of mine, long before this election ever started—”

“Well there goes my reputation now, Sean!” Cohen joked. He later thanked Hannity for being a “beacon” for Trump. Glad that ethics matter was resolved!

Cohen is under federal investigation for payments to women that he made on behalf of Trump and Broidy, reportedly along with bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

I tuned into Sean Hannity’s radio show for a further hint of his response, but initially missed it and was instead regaled with a replay of Comey’s ABC interview and an extremely long advertisement for Eventually, the topic was broached.

“I tell you why they’re going nuts, because they’re assuming... he did a big settlement case for Hannity,” he said. “That’s never happened. Ever... I never had any matter with him between me and any third party.”


Hannity also added, just to clarify: “I have all sorts of attorneys.”

UPDATE: A representative from Fox News sent Jezebel the following statement from Hannity:

“Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective. I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third party.” – Sean Hannity

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