Scott Pruitt Announces Repeal of Clean Power Plan

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Doesn’t Scott Pruitt kind of look like he got his glasses from a bargain bin at Claire’s? Just a thought from me.


Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • At an event in Eastern Kentucky, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, an embittered chipmunk with a permanent 102-degree fever, declared that the “war on coal is over” and announced his plan to begin rolling back the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s signature effort to battle climate change. The Clean Power Plan is still tied up in litigation—much of it led by Pruitt himself—and there’s a possibility that the same fate awaits its repeal; lawsuits from states and environmental groups are already in the works. Meanwhile, the market is still trending away from coal. “Even if they repeal the Clean Power Plan, or replace it with something that doesn’t require us to do very much, you still have to reckon with the fact that ultimately regulations on carbon are coming,” Arkansas Public Service commission chairman Ted Thomas told the Times. “So we need to develop options to deal with that other than sticking our heads in the sand and hoping we can just file lawsuits forever.” [New York Times]
  • According to soon-to-be announced findings from DEFCON, the world’s largest hacker conference, American voting machines were and still are extremely vulnerable to hacking. :) [Politico]
  • Twitter is barring a campaign announcement video by Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) that features Blackburn proclaiming, “I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. Thank God.” Blackburn has since declared that she is “being censored for telling the truth.” All in all, this amounts to a large, oozing sandwich of lies, although Twitter simply referred to it as an “inflammatory statement” that was “likely to evoke a strong negative reaction,” a bizarre exercise in euphemism that doesn’t exactly help their case. [Politico]
  • Please caption this.

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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Mortal Dictata

Anyone who thinks coal is coming back is an idiot. It was the same over here after Thatcher closed down the pits in the 80s. The miners and NUM all spoke that coal could still work in the UK but we shut down the last deep-pit last year because it was uncompetitive.

Even if the US miners got their dream of no regulations to put up costs then it’d still collapse simply because most coal use is in the Far-East and they have cheaper sources closer than the US.

What they should be doing is actually investing in new industries in old coal towns but instead all you’ll get is a repeat of what happened in Wales and the North of England which is decades of post-industrial decline and poverty which in the end ends up costing the taxpayers more because they have no option but to go on welfare.