Saturday Night Social: Kimberly Guilfoyle and 50,000 Others Test Positive for Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the United States, with over 50,000 new cases confirmed on Friday.


One of those 50k and change is grabbing headlines: Kimberly Guilfoyle, the pre-caricatured Fox News anchor-turned-Donald Trump fundraiser who has been dating the president’s eldest son since 2018, tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Friday, The New York Times reports.

Guilfoyle, who attended the Trump campaign’s ill-advised indoor rally in Tulsa two weeks ago, is currently in South Dakota, as she had planned to attend the President’s firework salute to white supremacy and historical revisionism at Mount Rushmore on Friday. She has canceled all her upcoming events as has her boyfy, Donald Trump, Jr.who, for the record, has not tested positive for coronavirus at this time. The two plan to drive back to the East Coast rather than fly, the Times says. Here’s hoping their A/C breaks.

But jokes about ol’ Grimberly aside, things are fucking dire right now in the U.S. At least 51,842 new cases were confirmed on Friday, marking the third consecutive day in which more than 50,000 new cases were reported, according to CNN. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now projecting that there will be about 148,000 deaths in the country by the end of July alone—I repeat, by the end of July alone.

California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are particularly hard hit. All four states hit record highs for daily new cases, per CNN. Just under 9,500 new infections were confirmed in Florida on Friday, with Texas and Florida following closely behind with 7,555 and 7,870 new cases, respectively.

It’s probably too late in the day to stop you from going to the big Fourth of July party you’d be at by now if you were going to be at one at all. (This sentence………the illiteracy………) But if you need a reason to skip the celebrations—I mean, other than the fact that America is an intrinsically murderous state whose legacy of colonialism and slavery is beyond all hope of reform, much less worthy of celebration—health officials are warning Americans to stay the fuck home. So, uhhhhhhh……… Please consider doing that! Take care. xx

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Okay, before we get to the kitties, you’ll want to know about my latest project. In the hope of building a larger online following, I have started a Twitter account, titled “The Journey of Bruce”, featuring the most adored shelter cat of all the ones I’ve featured here and over at SNS. So start following him and tell all your friends! The handle is @TheJourneyofBr1.

Kitties! I saw evidence that BenBen liked to play with his toys. So I tried to engage him, but no dice. However, for the next thirty minutes after I left the room, sounds of bedlam could be heard. Maybe I just gave him a jump start.

Mister is making himself at home with Logan.

Logan, meanwhile, charms and chats as usual.

Donegal is honing his skillz as a lap cat.

Kipper and Shane just can’t stop their mutual affection for each other.

New additions! Fish is very quiet but friendly.

His bestie, Chips, was hiding behind the litter box during my first visit, but was on the shelf the next day, demanding attention.

Willow is a handsome man, with beautiful eyes.

His roommate, Lulu, is shy, but is warming up quickly.

Carol Channing was returned to us and was none to happy about it. The first time I approached the door, she literally threw herself at me, snarling and hissing. As you can see from the photo, she has calmed somewhat, but is still uneasy.

Her bond-mate, Rodney Dangerfield, is also shy, but more approachable.

My supervisor has given me another assignment. Cowboy joined us just last night. He was a stray who was turned in when the humans saw that he was injured. He’s very nervous, but I did a bit of Lullaby Therapy on him and that helped.

When feeding treats through the mesh, it takes some skill to do it so all participants have a shot at them.

The benefit is that the ever elusive Mink joined Tom and Tommy in their quest for noms. He even let me pet him!

My friend the Cat Whisperer managed to engage Tiger, of all kitties, in a game of String. Apparently getting her to let go took some time and cajoling. I love it.

Art Update. Because he kept hiding from the medicator, he got moved to a smaller room. So when I visited him today, there was no hiding from the magic scritchies. Hah!

And boy, did he warm up after that. I got to get a *lot* of petting in, as you can see.

And finally, Wynn News. Man oh man, what a sweetie he’s turning into!

He’s building his courage up, too! Coming down off the shelf is much easier for him now.

I played a game where I’d toss treats onto the bench and he’s chase them down and eat them.

He’ll even eat them off my leg.

Scratch that itch, buddy!

He is interested in what else is going on.

He’ll even come down to the floor to eat while I’m there!

He even invited me to rub his tummy! (I was gentle, but Wow!)

Finally, my own Marble, Bag Cat.