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President Trump was apparently untroubled by reports that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be leaving the White House, according to an interview he gave Fox News on Friday morning.

Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy noted that Sanders “took a lot of heat” during a chaotic press briefing the day before. “She did?” asked Trump. “I didn’t know that.”

Sanders sparred with CNN’s Jim Acosta and CNN political analyst Brian Karem over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ use of biblical scripture to justify separating migrants children from their parents.


Doocy then noted the rumors that Sanders is planning to leave the White House.

“Look, at a certain point everyone sort of leaves! You have to leave,” said Trump. “I’m sort of just stayin’ up like a ship!”

“Sarah loves this job,” Trump continued, calling the rumors fake news. “But at some point I’m sure she’ll leave like everybody leaves, and we’ll get someone else.”


Everybody leaves! Damn. True?

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Carrie Mathison

I’m completely hijacking this comment section because I don’t know if this’ll get covered by Jezebel since it’s a Canadian issue, and I thought this might be uplifting because not every Supreme Court is fucking up on LGBT issues: The Canadian Supreme Court just sided against Trinity Western University in a big religious freedom vs LGBT rights case.

The TL;DR is that TWU is a BC Christian University with a Code of Conduct for all students that includes having no sex outside of heterosexual marriage. They are unfortunately allowed to do this because they’re a private university and only have to follow the BC rights code, which has a lot of leeway for religious freedom.

The problem started when they wanted to open a law school which has to be accredited by the provincial law society (a public body), which has to conform to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (and thus can’t discriminate against LGBT people). The issue was whether the law society was able to refuse accreditation to the school.

The court sided with the society—law schools, even if they’re private, must not discriminate and law societies have every right to refuse accreditation for these reasons (and not just for competency as a school) because they have a mandate for promoting diversity in the profession and fighting discrimination.

The CBC story on the case.