Sarah Palin Unedited: June 26, 2016

Sarah Palin Unedited is a series featuring full, unaltered transcripts of one Alaskan’s public ramblings. If you only read the pull-quotes, that’s okay.


In this special edition of Sarah Palin Unedited, Jezebel attended her conversation with James Carville on Sunday at Politicon, and filmed part a particularly exciting segment about immigration. Here is the transcript.

SARAH PALIN: When we have a federal government that refuses to enact the laws, to administer the laws, when it comes to, uh, making sure that people are held accountable for breaking the law, the first thing that they’re doing on our soil is breaking the law, to me it is, on the politicians’ part, a false interpretation of what the Constitution has laid out for a federal government to do.


JAMES CARVILLE: So, all right, do you support the wall?

Yes! Yes. Just like Hillary Clinton had supported the wall before she was against the wall.

But there are more illegal Mexican immigrants that are leaving here than are coming here in any given year, why would we build a wall that’s effectively stopping them from leaving?

That doesn’t even make sense! That doesn’t even make sense! Because you know the answer why we need to build the wall. Obviously, what we have to prevent illegals coming over now and breaking the law isn’t working. So, like Trump says, if you see something that’s not working, let’s find a solution, let’s use some common sense and do something that does work. Look at the White House, with the barriers around the White House. You see them keep people out, right, unless they’re allowed, with rules, to come in. Same thing with our nation. If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country, James. [Unintelligible]


My point is simply this. Uh, President Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, is right there...

[Palin flashes peace sign; Fox waves]

It was truly a treat to see Ms. Palin speak in the flesh. And for those of you wondering what the hell happened to Todd, here she is explaining to Carville about how he’s doing post-snowmobile accident.

“The right side of his body is kind of held together by metal bands, but he’s gettin’ around, drivin’ equipment, doing his thing.” Get well soon, Todd!

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