Sad! These People Already Regret Voting for Trump

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Nothing—save a last-minute Hail Mary by the faithless electors—will undo the Catastrophe of Trump’s Presidency, coming to theaters on January 20. But that doesn’t mean some people haven’t already started suffering from just the faintest hint of buyer’s remorse. Do you hear that rumbling in the distance? Is that you, God? What’s that You’re saying? It sounds like....cad? Vlad!? SPEAK UP, GOD, WE CAN’T HEAR YOU.





Boy, it sure is. This must be so embarrassing! Luckily, a new Tumblr dubbed Trumpgrets is here to chronicle the searing shame parade on which many voters are finally embarking. I hope those shoes are comfortable, my dudes, because we’ve still got more than four years to go.



“Wasted” is not the word you’re looking for, Sandi.


As tempting as it is to roll around on some high-grade, 1,000-thread count schadenfreude, it’s also hard to ignore one nagging sensation that’s been altogether absent this election season: Sympathy. As Bernie Sanders reminded us in this excellent interview with Matt Taibbi, many Trump voters supported their man not out of overt white supremacy or xenophobia, but utter desperation for change. And change they’ll get, but not the kind that they or anyone else wanted.


I mean, damn it, BOB. Damn it, everyone. There is no joy to be had from this pain.

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