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On Friday, Mayor of 9/11 Rudy Giuliani alit from the stalactite he spends daylight wrapped around to attend a reception for President Trump’s donors at Mar-a-Lago. There, Axios reports, he was invited to speak onstage, during which he recalled attending Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s 2005 wedding—a happy occasion indeed—and made the following very clever joke:

“Hillary was also there,” Giuliani said, per Axios. “And she actually fit through the door.”


Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

Apparently Giuliani’s wife, Judith Giuliani, gave Giuliani a “most foul look,” while Trump reportedly joked, “I’m just glad I didn’t say it.”

Ha. Ha ha. Haaa.

Considering the current presidential administration is helmed by a man who appears to wholeheartedly endorse making fat jokes about women, it’s not much of a surprise that one of his henchmen is cool with commenting on a woman’s body in front of a roomful of people who paid to hang out with him.


And since Giuliani’s political career is about as dead as the woman whose neck veins he punctured and drained just prior to the reception, it must be perfectly fine for him to call Hillary Clinton fat, just as it’s perfectly fine for me to point out that Giuliani looks like Nosferatu, but older.

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