Rick Perry Jokes About His Incompetence When Asked About These Darn Energy Department Cuts

Rick Perry’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of Energy has thus far mostly been various senators using the word “science” as code for “addressing climate change” or “drilling Alaska,” depending on their party’s alignment. Only Senator Stabenow and Senator Mazie Hirono have asked Perry directly about Trump’s plans to cut out the Energy Department’s ability to address the former.


Hirono began her questioning of Perry with the insistence that he restrain his answers to “yes or no,” perhaps learning from Stabenow, who sacrificed her time to explaining the sheer fuckery of cutting all the offices from the Department of Energy that are focused on renewable resources. Hirono asks how Perry’s policy on energy could be an “all of the above” strategy when there are plans to cut the Department of Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Office of Electricity, and the Office of Fossil Energy (which explores technology for limiting carbon dioxide emissions).

Hirono asks, “Do you support these cuts?”

To which Perry replies, “Well, senator, maybe they’ll have the same experience I had and forget that they said that.”

The room erupts in laughter, as we’re reminded that Perry is now about to be confirmed as head of the department he wanted to cut completely. He also forgot the name of the department he was so determined to cut during a debate in 20162011.

Hirono laughs too, and says, “We’re counting on you to educate the incoming president!” Good luck with that.

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I am calling it now. Nuclear war within 6 months.