Republicans Are Getting Very 'O Captain! My Captain!' About Don Jr.

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Donald Trump Jr. and his beard were subpoenaed this week by the Senate Intelligence Committee, who have a few more questions for the pair regarding the Russia investigation. But according to Axios, Trump is reportedly refusing to show up, meaning he’ll either force the committee to hold him in contempt, plead the Fifth in writing, or answer some written questions. Luckily for Don Jr., freedom fighter, he has plenty of Republican goons in Congress eager to be his ride or die. One Trump ally told Axios, “We’re drawing battle lines: If you touch Don, we’ll come after you... And our base will come after you.”



Congressional Republicans were a bit less mob boss in their responses, aiming their ire at Richard Burr, the North Carolina Republican who leads the Senate Intelligence Committee. The outrage! It’s palpable!


While the redacted Mueller report appeared to deem the eldest Trump son too dim to knowingly conspire with the Russians prior to the 2016 presidential election, Barr’s request for additional testimony could be the start of a mini war within the Republican party. And who better to be the Helen of Troy of this scenario than... Donald Trump Jr.?


Honestly, let them fight!

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