Photo: AP, this baby porcupine lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

Millions of peopleā€™s health insurance (and, in many of these cases, their lives) depend upon the GOP being refused whatever sick health care bills they may come up with, and, meanwhile, Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas is comparing this national embarrassment to cute animals banging.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Roberts how the GOP will ever reconcile its hellish desire to jeopardize constituentsā€™ lives so that health care can be prohibitively expensive with their political oppositionā€™s responsibility to stop that from happening, and he responded, ā€œEven porcupines make love.ā€ What is that? Are you sure thatā€™s your answer, Roberts?

Pretty sure! Roberts followed up by explaining, ā€œOnce in Glacier National park I saw two porcupines making love. Iā€™m assuming they produced smaller porcupines. They produced something. It has to be done carefully. Thatā€™s what weā€™re doing now.ā€

The situation that Roberts was failing to describe is, in fact, quite different. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed a vote on the Republicansā€™ extraordinarily cruel ā€œBetter Care Reconciliation Actā€ā€”which the Congressional Budget Office projects will leave 22 million more Americans without health insuranceā€”because it lacked even enough votes to be brought before the floor.

The Associated Press bothered to ā€œfact-checkā€ Robertsā€™ analogy, and found it wanting. Porcupines, after all, know how to fuck.Ā