Rep. Pete Sessions: Pulse Wasn't a Gay Club

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On Tuesday, National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser asked House Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions whether the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando would change his opinion of an amendment that would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination.


Sessions evaded the question: according to his sources (likely his own asshole), most of the people at Pulse weren’t LGBT.


In May, Sessions, along with several of his GOP colleagues, voted to defeat the amendment, which bans federal contractors from discriminating against someone due to their sexuality. After Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney attempted to bring up the amendment again, Sessions shot him down.

“We need to support the men and women of the United States Military,” he said. “And we do not believe that this is a stumbling block because we don’t view what [Maloney is] saying is the critical and key issue.”

The amendment eventually passed. And for the record, Rep. Sessions, Pulse is a gay bar, and Latinxs can be LGBT too.


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Ok, who is going to tell Pete Sessions that there are people who are both gay and latino?