Relatable Working Woman Ivanka Trump Reports Up to $135 Million in Joint Income for 2018

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Ivanka Trump, who wrote an entire book about how her famous last name is not actually the reason she is very rich, continues to be very rich because of her famous last name. How incredibly relatable and empowering.


Bloomberg reports that Trump and Jared Kushner raked in anywhere from $28.8 million to $135.1 million in 2018, based on financial disclosures released by the White House last week. And while most of that income came from their real estate holdings (being a slumlord is lucrative!) and other investments, the disclosure form does list some specific ways that Trump made her millions.

We learn, for example, that she “earned” a tidy $3,952,480 from her stake in her family’s Washington D.C. Trump International Hotel, and about $1.5 million from what certainly sounds (to me) like an allowance—as Forbes wrote, it’s income from “three entities tied to her father’s business as part of a deal she struck to turn her royalty, consulting and commission-based pay into fixed annuities while serving in her father’s administration.”


She also made anywhere from $1 million to $5 million from the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust, which she set up for brands including her fashion line, which was shut down last year. In 2017, according to Forbes, Ivanka reported that the trust was valued at more than $50 million. The disclosure form this time around simply states that its “value [is] not readily ascertainable” and leaves the “value” field blank.

Other sources of income include $263,500, about half of her book advance for Women Who Work, and at least $201 in residuals from her appearances on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show in 2009, in which she displayed her aptitude for beer pong.

Added up, Trump alone made anywhere from $6.7 million to $10.7 million in 2018. As a handy reminder, the median income for women in the U.S. is $41,912. Nice to know that the average woman would only have to work for about 160 years to make as much as Ivanka did in 2018!

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The Noble Renard

Real question, though: Would you accept $135 million if it meant you had to wake up next to creepy adult Omen child Jared Kushner every morning?