Racists Let Children Contribute to 'Build The Wall' Mural At White House Halloween Celebration

Illustration for article titled Racists Let Children Contribute to 'Build The Wall' Mural At White House Halloween Celebration
Photo: HERIKA MARTINEZ (AFP via Getty Images)

Children at a Halloween party on Oct. 25 in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building were given the opportunity to help “build the wall” by adding a personalized (paper) brick to the wall mural. The party was attended by “families of executive-branch employees and VIP guests inside and outside government,” Yahoo News reported. The building is used by West Wing staff and houses the ceremonial veep office.


Even though people are working with the administration that was actively putting children in cages and separating families, asking their own children to contribute to a paper wall was a bridge too far. “Horrified. We were horrified,” an anonymous attendee told Yahoo News. The outlet also has photos. The photos are gross in how benign they make the wall out to be.

In the photos, you can see the construction paper wall is made of bricks. Each brick has a name of a child on the red paper. There’s also an orange sign next to the wall, reading “AMERICA FIRST,” which is a known KKK credo, and a yellow construction sign with JOBS repeating over and over. Down the hallway from the makeshift wall was another display called “Trump’s Crew.” Underneath the sign, there was construction equipment.

It looks like Vice President Mike Pence attended the Oct. 25th celebration, but Yahoo News reported that he didn’t see the mural. To which I say, the man is shilling the administration’s immigration policies all over, so I’m not sure he’d find the idea of children contributing to “the wall” as anything more than appropriate.



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