Pro-Trump YouTubers Have Seen Some Google Results, Pretty Sure Marco Rubio Is Gay

A pair of Donald Trump supporters known on their popular YouTube channel as Diamond and Silk were interviewed on CNN about Thursday’s GOP debate, but were mostly interested in exploring some gay rumors about Trump’s establishment inverse, Marco Rubio.


“I think that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, they’re both snakes,” Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway told CNN’s Carol Costello on Friday. “You know, when I look at Marco Rubio—Marco Rubio told us to Google Donald Trump, but I did one better, I Googled him. And when I Googled him, you know, he owes America and the gay community an apology, because it sounds like he may have had a gay lifestyle in his past—”

What?” Costello interjected. “No, Annette”—

“Well, that’s what’s on Google, so you have to be cautious when you tell people to Google people, stuff will come up.”


Hardaway is likely referring to a recent Radar Online report suggesting that the park where Marco Rubio was arrested in the early 90's—Rubio has never publicly commented on the arrest—was a notorious Miami “cruising” spot. Radar also included several hilariously nonspecific photos of a blurry shirtless man and the back of someone’s head at a foam party.

According to The Hill, Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson appeared onstage with Trump at a December rally. The duo have over 24,000 followers on YouTube; some recent videos they’ve published include “TED CRUZ IS THE MEANING OF ROTTON FRUIT” and “We are not giving Jeb the Keys to the White House. That set of keys is going to Donald Trump.”

Is it November yet?

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