Pro-Immigration Protester Kicked, Dragged Out of Trump Rally

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A Saturday afternoon rally for Donald Trump turned violent when a group of Trump supports kicked and dragged out a protester, NBC Miami reports.


Ariel Rojas, a senior at Florida International University (FIU), attended the Trump rally at the candidate’s Doral golf course with the purpose of simply chanting pro-immigration messages. Rojas came with a group of fellow FIU students, each holding a placard of letters that spelled “equality.”

NBC Miami reports:

Rojas, a senior at FIU, was holding up the letter Q before, he said, the Trump supporters standing in front of him turned around, grabbed their signs, and tore them to pieces.

“There were some choice moments of irony,’ said Rojas, whose friend reported seeing a Trump supporter whacking a protester with a sign that read “The Silent Majority Supports Trump.”


In the video, a man pulls Rojas to the ground and kicks him, during the attack a group chants “U.S.A,” rather than intervening. The whole scene is deeply disturbing, in part because Doral—a suburb of Miami—is a city of immigrants. It has one of the largest populations of Venezuelan immigrants in the United States.

Incidentally, Doral is also home to Fusion’s studios; earlier in the week Trump denied entry to journalists from the station, as well as journalists from Univision. That decision was prompted by Trump’s run-in with Univision/Fusion journalist Jorge Ramos who, in August, questioned Trump about his anti-immigration rhetoric.

Rojas and his group were escorted off the premises by the police. The Trump campaign did not denounce the event but confirmed that the man dragging and kicking Rojas had no official affiliation with the campaign.

Watch the whole video here.

Screenshot via Channel 6, NBC Miami.

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The Noble Renard

This man right here:

This man committed assault, flagrantly, in full view of dozens of people, and he hasn’t been arrested yet?

He deserves every bit of the law coming down on him, and yet, no statements from the police at all.

This man is dangerous. He uses violence to suppress political opponents.

If I’ve ever wanted the internet to take someone down, it’s this man.

/I am uncommonly angry about this because this guy is just barely one step above the Hungarian camerawoman and would have probably done the same as her if he’d been in that situation.