President Trump Bestows Deeply Uncomfortable Handshake on Japanese Prime Minister

President Trump today welcome Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to the “very famous White House” with a 30-second long, deeply uncomfortable handshake, which the PM was visibly relieved to have end.


The handshake was also notable because Trump, who won the election based on his self-proclaimed instincts, misunderstood what the PM was trying to tell him.

“What are they saying?” Trump asked Abe about 20 seconds into the handshake, referring to photographers who were speaking Japanese.

“Please look at me,” the Prime Minister translated. Trump appeared to take the translation literally, and began to stare at the Prime Minister, refusing to break eye contact with him even when he used his other hand to point at the cameras, where Trump was supposed to be looking.


After this, they’re spending the weekend together at Mar-a-Lago. What could go wrong?

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