President Obama to Announce SCOTUS Pick, White House Creates Irritable Twitter to Prepare

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President Obama will announce his pick to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court at 11 a.m. Wednesday, and that’s when everything will promptly fucking fall apart. Senate Republicans have made it clear they won’t hold a hearing on Obama’s choice, so the only thing left is an irritable battle of words.


Obama will make his announcement at 11 a.m. EST, per the NYT, and is expected to nominate either Sri Srinivasan, a federal appellate judge, or Merrick Garland, another appellate judge. Doesn’t matter! The GOP will ignore whoever it is, or possibly really go out of their way to dig up dirt on the nominee.

This morning, the White House responded with a deliciously passive-aggressive Twitter account, which will be releasing a steady stream of do-your-fucking-job reminders this morning:


Shaming these folks clearly doesn’t work, but what else is left?

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Maddow had a great post on this recently and how this “wah wah we refuse” bullshit is really REALLY shortsighted of the GOP. Any pick that Obama appoints now has a good chance at being fairly moderate in hopes that it would overcome their fucking refusal to do their jobs.

As much terrifying support as Trump seems to be getting right now, it’s just a percent of the crazy GOP. The craziest of the crazy. Even a more moderate (at least in in-your-face insanity and racism) like Romney couldn’t pull enough support in the general so I don’t see Trump doing it. And NO ONE likes Cruz. Not even his own people.

So if they block it and lose the general the pick from either Hillary or Bernie would be WAY more liberal. You’d think they wouldn’t want to take the risk and would just appoint the moderate.

But then, we’ve seen how they make TERRIBLE decisions.