Prepare for a Shock: Trump Has Historically Low Transition Approval Ratings

Image via Kathy Willens/AP Photo.
Image via Kathy Willens/AP Photo.

According to a Gallup poll released on Wednesday morning, Donald Trump’s presidential transition has a 48 percent approval and a 48 percent disapproval rating among Americans, significantly lower than that of Obama, Bush, and Clinton during the same period. Still pretty high, in my opinion! Let’s get down to zero, folks!

Politico notes that the past three presidents-elect had ratings above 65%, with Barack Obama at 75% approval and 17% disapproval in 2008, and George W. Bush at 65% approval and 26% disapproval in January 2001 after losing the popular vote to Al Gore. Of course, none of those presidents were bullying union leaders and Saturday Night Live on Twitter, courting a fascist neo-Nazi movement, inviting literal murderers to the White House, or lying to the American public about the fact that an enemy state helped get him elected.

According to the survey, which was based on responses from 1,028 adults, 86% of Republicans approve of Trump’s presidential transition—a scary thought, indeed!—versus 17% of Democrats and 46% of independents. For comparison, 93% of Republicans approved of George W. Bush’s 2001 presidential transition, versus 46% of Democrats and 59% of independents.


Good thing Apprentice creator Mark Burnett is here to get those ratings up! Countries work like reality shows, right?

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

I can’t bring myself to link to it here but Breitbart is very excited today, as are thousands of their commenters, because Glorious Leader is going to start saying “Merry Christmas” (apparently this was banned under Obama.) This is headline news, folks, and the liberal media is ignoring it.