Illustration for article titled Poll Finds Trump Supporters Think Donald Trump Is Better Than Abraham Lincoln
Photo: MANDEL NGAN (AFP via Getty Images)

Majority of Republicans think Donald Trump is better than Abraham Lincoln by six points in a new edition of the weekly tracking poll from Economist/YouGov. Republicans surveyed prefer Trump, 53 percent to 47 percent.


This trend continued when going back through the Republican presidents. In the poll, Republicans prefer Trump to George W. Bush (71 percent to 29 percent). Those surveyed also prefer Trump to George H.W. Bush (71 percent to 29 percent). Republicans also prefer Trump to Gerald Ford (82 percent to 18 percent), to Nixon (86 percent to 14 percent), and to Eisenhower (65 percent to 35 percent).

However, in true Republican fashion, Trump couldn’t best Ronald Reagan. Republican surveyed preferred Reagan, 59 percent to 41 percent.


The online poll surveyed 1,500 adult citizens, with 1,189 register voters, between Nov. 24-26. The margin of error for registered voters is plus or minus 3 percent. Here is the full Economist/YouGov poll.

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