Please Watch This Devastating Video of John Kasich Learning He Won Ohio

On Tuesday evening, John Kasich won the primary in his home state, Ohio. The win is whatever—it doesn’t do much to put a dent in Donald Trump’s major lead—but it did give us this video of the campaign celebrating.


Watch Kasich pump his arms and give hunched, intimate hugs to his colleagues. Watch him give a fumbled high-five to an intern. Note that the campaign is watching the results on a television in what appears to be a cramped classroom, and that the available snacks appear to be a crudité plate, coffee, and a single chilled bottle of white wine. Notice the generic “Success” poster by the door.

This campaign is unintentionally normcore (read: depressing) as hell and it’s breaking my heart.

Senior Editor, Jezebel


Dat Buffalo Lady

He really reminds me of “Old Gil” from the Simpsons. I am sad for him.