Speaker Paul Ryan, seen here laughing so, so hard next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image via Getty.

What is happening? Looks very fun! Who is even who? Look at how their brown hair is the same!

Some background:

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

After the meeting, Ryan issued the following statement:

‚ÄúI appreciated the opportunity to welcome Prime Minister Trudeau to the Capitol this afternoon. We had a productive discussion focused on ways to deepen ties between the U.S. and Canada with respect to trade and national security. This means reaffirming our commitment to NATO and increasing economic cooperation to make our nations more prosperous and secure. I also reemphasized the importance of breaking down trade barriers and improving market access for America‚Äôs dairy farmers. We look forward to continue strengthening the U.S.-Canada relationship.‚ÄĚ


I’ll bet, Paul. Please offer your captions below.