Picture Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Meeting Angrily In a Storage Closet, Because That Happened

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In the single good thing that’s occurred in this election season so far, the Daily Beast reports that Ted Cruz and Ben Carson met for a very tense secret meeting in a storage closet in a South Carolina convention center near the bathrooms. As you do.

Both men were in Greenville, South Carolina for the Conservative Review Convention, which sounds very fun. Tensions have been high between the candidates for weeks, and the secret meeting was, the DB reports, convened to discuss Carson’s (true) accusation that the Cruz campaign had told voters he was dropping out of the race. Cruz’s folks reportedly wanted to bring a lasting peace between the two warring camps, so they headed into the storage closet. Reporter Gideon Resnick was understandably unable to hide his glee:

Reporters were allegedly already calling the Carson campaign as the meeting was going on, with the two full-grown men in a closet that allegedly had no chairs, which indicates that someone leaked details in advance of The Daily Beast being informed about the meeting.

Secret Service members were guarding the door and simply said to a Republican operative in the hallway: “Yeah they’re in that closet.”

It is unclear if there were lights inside of it.

The meeting apparently didn’t go well, which is a huge surprise.

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Those dudes during a debate in January. Photo via AP Images

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