Pete Buttigieg in 60 Seconds: He's Somehow Still Polling Well


Do you wish you knew more about every Democrat running for president? But you also have a life or at least pretend to and don’t want to waste what little precious moments you have googling my two dozen wretched sons and daughters? (Tough, but fair.) Not to worry—I’ve taken on the task of explaining what you need to know about each of the 2020 candidates in 60 seconds or less.

Pete Buttigieg, a small-town mayor in Indiana, has been surging in the polls despite the fact that he has accomplished almost nothing. Is our country desperate enough to nominate someone simply because he can play Spoon on the piano? Maybe!


Producer and Editor: Phoebe Bradford, Producer: Lisa Fischer, Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Camera: CJ Dominguez, Additional Editor: Santiago Garcia

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Red Plastic Mac

despite the fact that he has accomplished almost nothing.

This is the kind of playbook they run at places on the internet this site seems to feel smarter and better than. This is plainly stupid.

He’s not my preferred candidate, but watching some slobby blogger say this about a guy that is a veteran and mayor of a city at the age of 37 is fucking embarrassing.

Christ you read this political hipsterism all over the internet and whomever gets nominated is just not going to be hip enough and the Clio Changs of the world are going to stay home and keep themselves warm with their cred. Being into James Joyce is embarrassing! Sure Jan!

We are so fucked in 2020.