Image via Molly Riley/AP Photo.
Image via Molly Riley/AP Photo.

In addition to reports of “knife fight”-like internal discord, an insane top security clearance request for the son-in-law of the President-elect, a bizarre game of cat-and-mouse with the press, and the clear impression that no one on Team Trump expected they might have to actually run the country, the New York Times reports that Donald Trump’s transition team has not yet been in contact with the Justice Department, the State Department, or the Pentagon. Trump, if you’ll recall, was elected over a week ago.

“It is going so smoothly,” our new Supreme Leader tweeted of the transition, calling the Times “so totally wrong” and thus reinforcing the notion that the United States government is swiftly becoming one of Lindsay Lohan’s high school cafeteria daydreams in Mean Girls. Trump spokesman Jason Miller took issue with the notion that Trump’s Kafkaesque team of incompetent lackeys struggles with the basics of organization, calling the numerous reports that Trump’s son-in-law had deliberately purged the transition team of anyone allied with Chris Christie, who put his father in prison, “completely inaccurate.”


From the Times:

In the flag-bedecked lobby of the State Department, next to the main reception desk, there is a sign that says “Transition.” It has been quiet. The State Department confirms that, like the Pentagon and the Justice Department, it has not heard from anyone on President-elect Trump’s team, a week after the election.

“We have not been contacted,” said John Kirby, the State Department press secretary.

Capt. Jeff Davis at the Defense Department told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday that Trump’s team hasn’t been in touch with them, either.

Bodes well.

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