Paws Up, Little Monsters

Lady Gaga emerged at the inauguration in what some might call a dress, some might call a flag made into a dress, and what even more might see as a costume plucked from the set of the Hunger Games. The ensemble all those fancy ladies in the movie wore before the coal miners and farmers had to fight to the death in that cage match—bear with me, it’s been in a minute.

And so, the inauguration of Joe Biden is complete-ish. There is still a day of pageantry left, but for the briefest of moments, Mother Monster got up on her little stage, and sang her own version of the national anthem, proving, once and for all, that her ego is more powerful than the collective jerk-off motion most citizens are asked to make towards the flag. Pop divas—nothing can stop them!


So, while the rest of us totter off to do whatever it is we’re all supposed to do now, enjoy this quiet moment, filled with nothing but the sounds of Lady Gaga’s slightly sharp, slightly off-pitch serenade.


Oh stop. She looked fabulous and she sounded fabulous. We’ve spent that last four years basically living in the Hunger Games, so it was incredible to have someone as talented as Lady Gaga perform and commemorate this new era dressed as such. Plus I loved that golden microphone. And she did it in front of Mike Fucking Pence. Mother was likely scandalized!

And based on all the shots of people like the Obamas and Hillary Clinton giving her big hugs and chatting as things wrapped up those in attendance clearly enjoyed it.