Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Fraud Case

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Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has been sentenced to less than four years in prison after being convicted of eight counts of bank fraud, tax fraud, and taking a shitload of money from Ukrainian politicos while lying his ass off about it.


Noted crime enthusiast Manafort has been a major focus in the Muller investigation. This is just one of two cases against him. Next week, he’ll be sentenced on conspiracy and obstruction charges.

The fraud charges came with a suggested 19 to 24 year prison sentence, but Judge T. S. Ellis III of the United States District Court bumped it way down because Manafort “has lived an otherwise blameless life.”


The judge’s whimsical interpretation of the word discounts the charges of conspiracy, obstruction, and lying to prosecutors, who reportedly revoked an earlier plea deal because Manafort lied to them repeatedly.

Manafort could be back with his friends doing crime before he knows it, since he’ll most likely only serve 38 months of his sentence because of the time he’s already served. Next week he’ll most likely get just a fraction of the recommended sentence for the other shit he’s been convicted of doing, and it still remains to be seen whether he’ll serve all this prison time consecutively or concurrently. Back in November, President Trump said “I’m not taking anything off the table” in reference to a pardon.

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Note that this is the same judge who was basically doing the defense’s job for them during the trial, interrupting prosecution nonstop, talking to the prosecutors like they were bad little children in front of the jury, misconstruing the facts of the case in front of the jury, and blaming prosecution for procedural violations they had not actually committed in front of the jury. This old white dude did everything in his power to get the old white dude defendant off, and then when he couldn’t, decided that the sentencing guidelines were way too high, based on absolutely nothing, so that he could get the old white dude criminal out of jail ASAP. Fuck this judge.

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