Parkland Siblings Aren't Taking Shit From Terrible Person Laura Ingraham

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Parkland survivor and activist David Hogg continues to ruthlessly dunk on conservative talking heads. Now he’s taking on Fox News’s Laura Ingraham and her advertisers.

On March 28, Ingraham tweeted a link to an article about David Hogg getting rejected from colleges. She said he “whined” about it.

In a TMZ exclusive, Hogg admitted that the college acceptance process hasn’t exactly been sparkling: He was rejected from UCLA, UCSD, and Cal State Long Beach. “It’s been kind of annoying to deal with that and everything else that’s been going on,” said Hogg. “But at this point we’re changing the world, we’re too busy. Right now it’s too hard to focus on that.”

This is a lot more measured than my reaction when I was rejected by Sarah Lawrence in 2008 and got sad about it on Livejournal, but OK.


When asked if he was surprised that more schools haven’t solicited him, Hogg gave another measured response:

I am not surprised at all in all honesty. I think there’s a lot of amazing people that don’t get to college, not only that do things like I do, but because their voices just aren’t heard in the tsunami of people that apply every year to colleges in such an economic impacted school system here that we have here in America where people have to go into massive amounts of debt just to go to college and get an education.


But it’s the whining characterization that Ingraham fed to her 2.16 million Twitter followers. Hogg has been the target of trolls and conspiracy nuts since he began speaking out against America’s gun laws and the NRA; the most popular theory is that Hogg is a so-called crisis actor.

Lauren Hogg, David’s 14-year-old sister, accused Ingraham of cyber bullying.


Lauren called on Melania Trump—who is married to a dedicated cyberbully but somehow wants to tackle cyberbullying as first lady—to comment.


But Hogg upped the ante by compiling a list of Ingraham’s advertisers, encouraging them to drop her 10 p.m. Fox News program.


So far, Nutrish is the only brand that has responded to the pressure. They’ve announced that they are in the process of removing their ads from Ingraham’s program.


It is 2018. Do not mess with good teens who have serious clout.

Update (4:00 p.m.): Noted grown ass woman Laura Ingraham apologized for mocking teen activist David Hogg’s college rejections. She’s also claiming that she has stanned Hogg all along.


This came after Wayfair and TripAdvisor announced that they would join Nutrish in pulling their ads from Ingraham’s program.

Hogg, in return, tweeted that he will accept Ingraham’s apology, but only if she apologizes for Fox News’s treatment of his fellow student activists.



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