One True Holy Martyr Kim Davis Will Attend the State of the Union

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On Tuesday night, for the last time, President Obama will address the state of the union under his presidency. The anti-gay Family Research Council has made sure that Kim Davis will be in the audience, along with her lawyer, Mat Staver of the equally disturbed-by-gayness Liberty Council.


An unnamed source confirmed to The Hill that Davis will be in attendance. Also present, as a guest of the president: Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage.

Davis was already in Washington D.C. on Monday night, where she attended a “State of the Family” address given by the FRC’s president, Tony Perkins. His address, given in the style of a state of the union minus any of the intellectual seriousness or actual power, referred to the marriage decision at SCOTUS as “a devastating principled loss for us all and a very personal loss for Kim Davis.”

Now’s also a good time to recall that Kim Davis essentially won, with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issuing an executive order changing marriage license forms so that county clerks’ names no longer appear on them. Perkins mentioned that in his speech, praising her for her courage:

Kim stood up courageously against the power of the state and the ACLU and she, along with religious liberty in Kentucky prevailed! Well done, Kim. We are glad you are with us tonight.

In a way, sure: well done, Kim. Never has anyone successfully engineered their own persecution in such an exceedingly profitable way.

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Davis in September 2015. Photo via AP Images



Can’t wait to see what she’s going to wear. Gingham potato sack? Marsala potato sack?