One of Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Advisors Lied About Being on Model UN

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Sun-kissed ass plug Donald Trump’s foreign policy team is notoriously a joke. (He has said that he is his own primary foreign policy adviser—Why? Because he’s trying to induce an epidemic of congestive heart failure.) According to the Washington Post, it may, somehow, be even more of a joke than we thought.


In an article published on Friday afternoon, reporter Karen DeYoung notes that one of the eight actual team members named by Trump so far, a man named George Papadopoulous, has unsurprisingly embellished his qualifications. Sadly, he didn’t have much to embellish to begin with.

The first embellishment has to do with being a “fellow” at conservative think tank the Hudson Institute—according to the institute’s director of public affairs, he was only an intern and then a contract research assistant for a senior fellow.

The second embellishment is so much better.

DeYoung reports:

Papadopoulos also lists attendance as “U.S. Representative at the 2012 Geneva International Model United Nations.” Two persons who were part of the delegation that year, including Antony Papadopoulos (no relation), current secretary general of the Geneva program, said they had no recollection of him being there.

When I meet someone I want to impress, I lie and pretend I wasn’t co-president of my school’s Model UN club. My dude did the opposite, honestly, probably to get laid. Those kids were freaks.

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He was on a model. Near the UN?