Omarosa on the Trump White House: 'I Was Haunted by Tweets Every Single Day'

As everyday Americans endure the ongoing nightmare of being alive during a Trump presidency, a more rarified set of Americans are enjoying their own private Hell: Celebrity Big Brother, featuring former director of communications for the White House Office of the Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault.


In a clip released ahead of Thursday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa and Ross Matthews sit down for a friendly chat about her role in the White House, what the Trump presidency is really like, and why on earth she even bothered to do that shit in the first place.

“I felt like it was a call to duty, I felt like it was serving my country, not serving him” she says to a slightly incredulous Matthews, whose eye roll and dismissive hand gesture when he acquiesces, lead me to believe that he is not buying it. Undeterred and perhaps incapable of reading body language, Omarosa pushes through: “I was haunted by tweets every single day,” she says, to which I say, yes, same, and it has been Hell.


Omarosa also mentions that she did her best to gain access to Trump, in order to ask him what he was doing and why, but the “people” around him (“Ivanka’s, there, Jared’s there,” she says, wiping tears from her cheeks, which, again, same) prevented her from doing so. When Matthews asks her in a whisper if we, the American people, should be worried, she hisses right back, “It’s bad.”

Set to the anxiety-inducing, insistent piano that soundtracks all tense moments on reality TV, this conversation is both hysterical and befuddling to witness. Anyone who pays attention to the news or spent a week beating down the doors of their local Barnes and Noble to get their hands on Fire and Fury knows this. “It’s bad” is the most basic statement about the current political climate—hearing those words fall from someone who was once on the inside only makes it that much more intriguing. Will Omarosa spill a steaming pot of matcha every week or not? Does this even count as new information? This tension is likely what the producers of Celebrity Big Brother have bet the farm on. The Trump White House is a cagey, sloppy, messy little thing, falling apart at the seams, a reality show that is playing out in real time and somehow, it will make Celebrity Big Brother must-see TV.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Fuck you, you fucking scumbag. You are not allowed to express remorse now. We don’t want it, we don’t need it. This is your fault and you should carry that shame with you every day for the rest of your life. Fuck Ross too, for not spitting in your face as you try to pretend like you fucking care!