Oh No, the President's Fake News Awards Have Been Rescheduled

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Donald Trump made a series of memorable tweets last week, but somewhere between taunting North Korea with the threat of nuclear war and declaring himself a “stable genius,” the President used his favorite bully pulpit to announce he’d be handing out awards to the “Fake News Media” for all the very dishonest and unfair coverage they’ve given him over the course of his campaign and presidency. The awards, which are certainly quite real and important, were all set for Monday, but today Trump tweeted he’d have to postpone them until later this month, oh no!

Indeed, it appears Trump underestimated just how excited everyone is to see him hurl unquestionably genius jabs at CNN via tweetstorm (and also he’ll be in Atlanta for the College Football National Championship game), and now we’ll have to wait until January 17 for this shitshow, which will at least give him time to decorate everyone’s paper plate award accordingly. Jake Tapper’s will have glitter, probably.


Of course, there is a teensy chance the President was just bluffing about the whole Fake News Awards thing, and as evidenced by many airplane trips, a delay can predate a cancellation. The Daily Show, which took out a full page ad in the New York Times campaigning for Trump’s consideration for the Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year, really hopes the postponement isn’t an ominous sign:

If the awards do commence on the 17th, I have some questions. Like, will there be a red carpet? Am I invited? Can my mom come? LMK.


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As an Alabama fan, I’m just annoyed that he’s going to the National Championship game tomorrow night. No one wants him there.