Obama Clowning Trump Is the Best

Monday night on Kimmel, Obama continued his no-fucks tour of America and administered scathing critiques of the mewling mayoboy currently demanding a job his daddy didn’t already hand him. POTUS went hard by way of both jokes and somber analysis, but it was his cool, belittling levity that landed the hardest punch. “When you watch Donald Trump,” asked Kimmel, “Do you ever actually laugh?”

“Most of the time,” responded Obama, with a knowing little grin.

If you’ll recall, one of the more intriguing theories behind Trump’s vehemence about running for the presidency is based on the fact that he felt so humiliated by Obama during his roast at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner, he vowed revenge via high office. (One zinger involved Obama painting Trump, an avid birther then and now, as a conspiracy theorist who also believed in aliens, a fake moon landing, and that Biggie and Pac are still alive.)


During this campaign, Obama is naturally doubling down on clowning the clown, a move that no doubt infuriates Trump, but also offers clear-headed, logical reasons why his hateful rhetoric is absolutely unacceptable.

“There is something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere,” said Obama. “What we haven’t seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of the elections and the will of the people. What we haven’t seen before is a politics of putting down, in very explicit terms, Muslim Americans who are patriots, or describing women not in terms of their intellect or their character but on a one to 10 score. Regardless of what your political preferences are and your policy preferences, there is a certain responsibility and expectation in terms of how you behave, how you present yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’re perfect... there are certain norms and standards and values and customs that make [democracy] work, and if you’re willing to say anything and do anything even when it undermines everything that’s been built by previous generations, that’s a problem.”

Also, during Mean Tweets, Obama dropped the fucking mic on a Trump tweet.

Attitude-wise Obama is transitioning beautifully into his carefree almost-ex-president phase and we’re a better nation for it. If this is going down now, imagine how he’ll feel after the election? I picture him waterskiing in Chanel reflective shades and waving the peace sign. (You guys think he watches Westworld?)

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