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As if in response to Jezebel advice columnist in residence Brandy Jensen asking if we’re “currently living through a coup,” the latest news regarding Donald Trump’s various efforts to undermine president-elect Joe Biden’s victory would seem to indicate that uhhhhhh probably not?

With Biden declared the winner of both Arizona and Georgia—raising his final total electoral vote count to 306, well past the 270-vote threshold needed to unseat his Republican rival—one of the president’s strategies, that of hoping against hope that the votes in those states would swing in his favor in the end, has gone out the window. His other strategy, filing a bunch of lawsuits, is also not doing so hot.

On Friday, law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur backed out of the Trump campaign’s federal lawsuit filed earlier that week in Pennsylvania, The New York Times reports, apparently on account of internal tensions. An attorney also dropped the “Sharpiegate” lawsuit in Arizona, according to the Times, as the number of votes in question isn’t enough to swing the race back in Trump’s favor.


This all comes on the heels of the Trump administration’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency releasing a joint statement repudiating the president’s totally unverified claims of alleged mass voter fraud, which declared the 2020 presidential election to be “the most secure in American history,” per the Associated Press.

Also! Over a dozen federal prosecutors who’ve been looking into the election sent a letter to attorney general William Barr telling him that they’ve seen no evidence of said alleged voter fraud? And no one likes Rudy Giuliani. Not exactly breaking news, but still—good to know.

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Anybody thinking Big Baby Cheezus could pull off a “coup” is deluding themselves, dude is lazier than shit and intimidated by stairs