No One Will Say 'Abortion'

Is “abortion” a dirty word? Democratic presidential candidates on the debate stage on Wednesday night seemed to think so!


In an exchange during which Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden on his long-standing support of the Hyde Amendment, the cruel provision that prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortions except in very limited circumstances, both Harris and Biden did their best to use every single phrase and term for abortion, except the easiest, simplest one—which is “abortion.”

No wonder we’re losing the fight to protect and expand abortion access.

Watch the clip above.

Senior reporter, Jezebel


Wife on Mars... Could Spit in the Eyes of Fools


We’ve officially traveled back in time (thanks, darkest timeline). I am reminded of I Love Lucy. When she became pregnant in real life, they wrote it into the show. But they couldn’t use the word “pregnant”! The episode is entitled “Lucy is Enciente” for crying out loud!

I feel like I've eaten all the crazy pills!