No One Wants to Eat Dinner With Steve Bannon

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On Friday night, the Hillsborough County Republican Party in Florida is hosting walking pustule Steve Bannon as the keynote guest of its fundraising dinner. The only problem? It seems no one wants to see him and now I’m laughing.


According to the Tampa Bay Times, tickets to the dinner, which previously were being sold for as much as $1,000 for a VIP ticket, are now free.

Last week, the Hillsborough Republicans slashed prices for the tickets, but that apparently wasn’t enough to drum up interest. On Monday, as the Times reported, the price was cut even more... to zero dollars. This is all apparently due to the generosity of a private donor who agreed to cover the expenses of the dinner, which certainly raises some existential questions about the purpose of an event meant to raise money.


It sure says something when even Republicans in Florida find you distasteful.

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"Not a real" DrDonna

Soooooo, anyone in Florida want a free dinner, or at least part of one, then you get up in Bannon’s grill and let him know what a steaming pile of putrid entrails he is?