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On Friday afternoon, Newt Gingrich, your mother’s oddly hard stuffed Santa doll that sits on your mantel and quietly spreads holiday malice, said something not crazy, about how black Americans have it harder than white Americans can ever comprehend. And I think he probably liked how that felt.

On Monday, Gingrich, who is still one of Trump’s potential running mates, stood by those remarks on the John Gibson Show, remakrs which run totally counter to most Republican rhetoric.


“Let me start with something which I have been told by people like Congressman J.C. Watts, who was a All-American quarterback at Oklahoma. People like Colin Powell, who’s certainly reasonably famous in his own right. That there is still a residual racism that is peculiar to being African-American,” he said, once again peppering his generally respectable remarks with a questionable phrase like “residual racism.”

In a clip first reported on by BuzzFeed News, Gingrich also acknowledged that the “state” might just be the tiniest bit complicit in that “residual racism.”

“It is also true that we have to protect the innocent from the power of the state, that you do have occasions where you’ve seen somebody who was shot 16 times. You have to ask yourself, ‘What was that all about? Why did that make sense?’ This is a national conversation we need to have.”

Newt, babe, are you feeling alright? Did you accidentally inhale pot and become a liberal?


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It’s very Newt to be like “well, I didn’t believe it for a long time, but then a 4-star General and a QUARTERBACK told me it was true, so gosh I guess it must be, because everyone knows quarterbacks are incapable of deception about institutional bias.”

Like...I guess it’s good Newt is capable of learning and thoughtful evolution on issues (he also believes in climate change), and he’s generally a hell of a lot smarter than most current Republicans, but it would be nice if that didn’t have to involve well known people telling him personally that something that seems obvious to the rest of us is true.