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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a “violent revolutionary,” per Glenn Beck, endorsed Hillary Clinton Friday morning on MSNBC. De Blasio was Clinton’s campaign manager in 2000, the first time she ran for Senate. The violent overthrow of all we hold dear: it here.


“The candidate who I believe can fundamentally address income inequality effectively, the candidate who has the right vision and experience and ability to get the job done, is Hillary Clinton,” he told Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. “And I have seen her vision and platform develop over five months. I’m extremely pleased with what she’s put on the table. But she has a history of fighting on issues that convinces me.”


The New York Times had a story earlier this week about how damn long de Blasio took to endorse Clinton, with senior aides supposedly “rolling their eyes” while he waffled. It’s unclear what, if anything (nothing) a de Blasio endorsement will actually do.

De Blasio reportedly met in secret with Bernie Sanders earlier this month. He’s also planning to hold a candidate’s forum in Iowa, where he does not live or govern, to focus on income inequality and other issues he’d like the presidential campaign to be about.

The mayor took office with Glenn Beck warning that he was a Marxist who supported terrorism. He now spends his days making life harder for topless street performers and contemplating every corner of his navel before saying something supportive about his old boss.

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