New York City Heckler Accuses Marco Rubio of Cheating on His Wife

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Florida Senator and man who won’t be president Marco Rubio was in New York yesterday, taking in garbage sights, breathing in our garbage smells, and getting roundly heckled by a weird dude who accused him of adultery.


The speech took place at New York’s Civic Hall; the incident, which we saw via The Hill, started out as some sort of non-sequitur question about wire fraud and escalated pretty much vertically from there:

“How do you plan to deal with wire fraud?” the man, who identified himself as Greg Waltman of a company called G1 Quantum Fund, demanded.“How do you plan to deal with accountability?”


When he was chided by a moderator to “stay on topic,” Waltman steamrolled right along. “The answer is you can’t,” he continued. “You cheated on your wife in Florida.” And then, as the moderator approached him in a sort of kicking-out motion: “I think you should drop out of the race. Your polling numbers are too low to win.”

The heckler was quickly jostled out of the room as Rubio looked on. “That was actually kind of weird,” he commented, smiling.

The finest we have to offer in this great city, Senator. Pretty much a red-carpet welcome.

Speaking of Marco Rubio, CNN reports he’s missed an impressive number of important votes and has yet to garner an endorsement from a single fellow senator. Meaning next time he’s in New York, it’ll be more of a tourism outing.


This post has been updated to reflect that the questioner identified himself as Greg Waltman.

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Rubio visits the New York Stock Exchange, also on October 5, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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“That was actually kind of weird,” he commented, smiling.

Hey! Rubio said something I actually agree with!