New Jersey's Democratic Governor Is Ready to Sign a Shitload of New Gun Restrictions

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Gun control! Somewhere!

New Jersey’s Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, will sign six bills into law on Wednesday, many of them measures that were proposed following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead. Some of the other measures were older and ignored by New Jersey’s previous governor, Republican and expert beach hogger Chris Christie.

Here’s a breakdown of the bills on Murphy’s desk today, from

  • A1217, which would create restraining orders in the state allowing family members and others to ask a judge to have a person’s guns seized and ban them from buying weapons for up to a year.
  • A1181, which would mandate law enforcement in the state to seize a person’s guns if a mental health professional determines they pose a threat to themselves or others.
  • A2758, which would strictly define that state residents need to show a “justifiable need” to obtain a permit to carry a handgun — meaning they must show they face a specific threat to their own safety.
  • A2757, which would require all private gun sales in the state to go through a licensed dealer who can perform an additional background check at the point of sale.
  • A2759, which would create an outright ban in the state on possessing armor-piercing bullets.
  • A2761, which would ban magazines in the state that hold more than 10 rounds, with some exceptions.

New Jersey is just one of a handful of states, including Florida and Oregon, that have changed their gun laws following the Parkland shooting. States with tighter gun laws experience fewer firearm related deaths, which is common sense and a pretty good reason to enact these laws. And yet! Good for New Jersey! I hope the NRA doesn’t sue them.

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Reading this list, it’s baffling that they constitute “some of the toughest gun laws in the nation”. There’s a reason why people refer to them as “common sense” gun laws.

I think the biggest challenge might be A2758; it probably won’t hold up in court against the Second Amendment. Preventing someone from having a gun because they pose a potential threat is easier than preventing someone from having a gun unless a specific threat is posed against them. Presumably the Second Amendment exists to include non-specific threats too, so it seems unconstitutional to me.