Negative Views of Trump Have Hit An All-Time Campaign High

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With Donald Trump there is always both higher and lower to go.

Despite his constant assertions to the contrary, Trump is doing badly in the polls. With the extensive coverage of his campaign and the seemingly bottomless depths of pandering crassness he has sunk to, it’s easy to despair that Trump’s view of the world is the norm. It’s not.


A new Washington Post-ABC poll taken between June 8 and June 12 shows that the presidential hopeful has taken a hit amongst voters, including his most supportive constituents:

The poll finds 70 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, including a 56 percent majority who feel this way “strongly.” Negative ratings of Trump are up 10 percentage points from last month to their highest point since he announced his candidacy last summer, nearly reaching the level seen before his campaign began (71 percent). The survey was conducted Wednesday through Sunday among a random national sample of U.S. adults, coming after last week’s primary contests, but with the large majority of interviews completed before Sunday’s massacre at an Orlando club.

Negative views of Trump have risen among a wide range of groups, jumping by double digits among liberals and conservatives and among both Republican women and Democratic men. But his standing has also worsened among two key voting groups: independents and white Americans who do not have a four-year college degree.


His contradictory, deceitful and confusing platforms are finally having an effect on his supporters and, from some stories, it seems like Trump rallies are becoming more of a chill arena to get blackout and express hate than a place where people gather to get behind a political candidate.

Meanwhile, Trump either doesn’t know how laws work or has low key announced the NRA controls America’s lawmakers:

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“I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.”

I wonder if anyone told him that this is the plan Obama and the Democratic Congressional delegation have been pushing for, and what Republicans have been blocking.