Nancy Pelosi Isn't Here to Give You a Sean Spicer Take

To the shock and awe of no one, fury boy Sean Spicer resigned today from his position as White House press secretary. Attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the Caltrain electrification project, politics reporter Casey Tolan was able to ask Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi what she thought about Spicy Time coming to an end. Her response—“I don’t even care”—was quick and to the point.


Managing Editor, Jezebel

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The Noble Renard

I watched Scaramucci’s first press briefing earlier this afternoon. Dude come across like a used car salesman; he “loves” the President, the President is smart and athletic (lol), he trusts that the President’s statement about illegal votes is based in fact, and he rejects any idea that the President is doing poorly because polls are not right.

He’s way less fun to watch than Spicey but a lot more professional-looking. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders seemed a bit off too, even more curt than normal.