Musical 'Be Best' Eggs, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Cop Tennis Ball, and Other Scenes From the White House Easter Egg Roll

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Monday morning marked the 141st White House Easter Egg Roll, and First Lady Melania Trump’s team wants us to know that she meticulously planned every single detail. Including, it seems, a tennis ball that is also a cop with a hole in its crotch, Sarah Huckabee Sanders inviting children to come closer to her, and musical eggs?

“As with everything she does, she’s very very detail oriented,” Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokesperson, said on Fox News Monday morning. “We started this about six months ago. She picked the egg colors, all the activities.”


Now that the first lady reportedly feels a weight has been lifted off her shoulders following the release of the Mueller report, she can kick back and enjoy what she has wrought. This includes “Be Best”-themed hopscotch and “Be Best musical eggs,” a thicc Smokey the Bear, a rabbit wearing knock-off Batsheva, a perky turtle, the Cat in the Hat, and this tennis ball cop who appears to have a hole in its crotch:

Screenshot: Twitter

Oh, shit, it has a girlfriend:


Amidst the rave scene chaos, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read to some children, and when they rightly kept their distance, she beckoned them closer. “You guys are so far away! You should come closer,” she urged, not unlike a witch preparing a hearty child stew.

And President Trump and the First Lady stood awkwardly in the chaos of an Easter Egg Roll:


And finally, the Marine Corps band playing a random “Jingle Bells” medley out of nowhere (listen for it at 1:16).


Basically, everything appears to be par for the freaky course for Easter in the Trump White House.

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