On Wednesday morning, MSNBC aired a segment featuring a group of five male voters (three Trump supporters and two “non-Trump supporters”) discussing whether or not they thought Hillary Clinton had properly dealt with her husband’s infidelity, because we all know that a thing never really happened unless a man has an opinion on it.

The piece was meant to be a follow-up of one that aired on Tuesday, in which reporter Kacie Hunt interviewed female Republican voters about neglected compost heap Donald Trump’s gender-based attacks on Clinton. But it became clear fairly instantaneously that this was a case in which we didn’t need the false “balance” that MSNBC thought we did.

“If your husband cheats on you, you get a divorce! You leave him!” said one outspoken American in the clip.

“Do you think she’s to blame for Bill Clinton’s wandering?” the reporter followed up.


“Yes I do, I do believe that,” he replied. “She’s an enabler, there’s no doubt about that.”

Did these bros need a platform, MSNBC? Can you summarize in a sentence what you gained from this conversation? I was only reminded of something I already knew: that letting a group of men shit on how a woman dealt with her cheating spouse does not play.