Mom and Dad Please Don't Break Up: A Democratic Debate Liveblog

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The events of the last few days are any indication, we’ve entered the dog days of the Democratic primaries. With the Iowa caucuses in just two weeks and one less candidate on a rapidly shrinking stage, the two most progressive candidates in the race, longtime friends Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are engaged in what appears to be their first fight, though it’s debatable whether this a sign of gloves-off negative campaigning or simply fake beef spun by a moderate press interested in sidelining two people with comparatively freaky ideas and getting back to the lukewarm bath of a mediocre, centrist status quo.


Regardless, it would be really bad for progressives if mom and dad break up tonight in Des Moines, and splitting the vote further so we end up with a sneering potato like Biden or, god forbid, a beige weenieman like Buttigieg (shudder). Join the Jezebel staff as we blog along with you and figure out whether we’re going to be latchkey kids in the morning.

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