Mitt Romney, a cryogenically reanimated TV announcer from the 60's, is back in the publicity game because he wants Trump gone and also would love some attention from those “millennials” he keeps hearing about!

Romney, whose emphatic campaign against a Trump nomination mostly targets Donald Trump’s “personal qualities”—AKA Trump’s blatant verbalization of the callous bigotry that Romney and other establishment Republicans would prefer to communicate via elegant insinuation—is out here displaying some personal qualities of his own, i.e. that he can take some mean jokes from Trump fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live, y’all!

“@MittRomney = loser,” Says Romney, reading one of the tweets. “That’s true, actually, I lost.”

Another one reads: “I actually met Mitt Romney in a bank a couple months back. I’m now working on a time machine to go back & punch him in the throat! #TRUMP”


Romney’s extremely woke response: “Uh, pic or it didn’t happen!”

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