Mississippi Pol Very Offended By the Women's March, Especially the Gross Part About Birth Control

Image via AP Photo.
Image via AP Photo.
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Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel, a tea party Republican, has many beliefs. He believed, in 2014, that his Republican primary opponent for Mississippi U.S. Senate, who received support from black voters, won via voter fraud. He also believed that Ole Miss’s 2015 decision to remove the state flag, which contains a confederate symbol, was the result of “coddling the feelings of the perpetually offended.” Would you like to guess what this fossilized good ole’ boy doll dredged up from the basement of an early 19th century general store thought about the Women’s March, and also birth control?


McDaniel, who loves to post on Facebook, first wrote the following:


There is just... so much! So much here. A heaping serving of bald, quivering misogyny, with a sprinkle of very weird ideas about “body paintings” (?) and how much they might cost.

You think he was satisfied with that? Please! Please.

If you think McDaniel sounds like the kind of guy who might obsessively post links to articles about George Soros, you would be absolutely correct. If you think that McDaniel sounds like the kind of guy who would say “Racism is bad, it’s an evil. Yet at the same time, political correctness is perhaps one of the worst things I’ve seen in my lifetime,” you would also be correct!

After a barrage of angry comments, this brave Mississippian stood strong, alone in the wilderness of his totally unique desire to strip women of reproductive autonomy:


Chris, if you’re reading this, please take heart: you most certainly do not “stand alone.” Off the top of my head, there’s a judge in Texas who just referred to the women’s marchers as “a million fat women.”

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

These fucking guys can’t even insult us properly.

“a million fat women” - more like 3-4 million, dummy. And it cracks me up when someone from TEXAS is gonna throw the word “fat” around as an insult. And also - yup, a lot of us are fat. And? Don’t make me come over there and sit on you, asshole.