Misery for Clicks: Welcome to Jezebel's Republican National Convention Liveblog

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Jezebel staffers have been diligently watching each night of the 2020 Republican National Convention as a hazard of our jobs, smashing two-and-a-half hours of vitriol straight to the dome for three days straight. Our conversations in Slack during this process have been likely unhinged but somewhat grounding as well, insofar that it’s nice to know that yes, someone else actually heard that shit, too, and we are not in fact having hallucinatory nightmares about our worst, white-paranoia-stoking enemies.

Tonight, as Donald Trump makes his official speech to close out the RNC’s final night, we are liveblogging the experience because misery loves company and why not milk it for the higher calling of the Blog. Plus, we’re on this terrible ride together, even if it feels otherwise, having spent the last six months isolated alone in our apartments, wearing bike shorts and housing Cheez-Its as if they were a primary food group. Join us in this feral expression of pain! It’s gonna be a great time.

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